v2.1.9 Release

August 2, 2022

Next Stage beyond Scratch

Mind Render is a programming tool that allows anyone to create full-fledged 3D programs.

Easy, but in-depth

Just like Scratch, the program is created by combining blocks, so it is easy to start off with. Also, it has scientific elements such as physics engine and 3D, so it provokes to think more in-depth.

Rich and fun

The running environment is 3D and colorful, definitely richer than Scratch. You can fly drones, drive on a race track, and create various fun programs.

Next Stage beyond Scratch with 3D and VR

You can immediately view your program you created in VR mode. Being able to enjoy your program which is running in VR mode is an experience out of this world.

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  • Internet communication charges will be incurred when downloading and using the “locker” function.


Lab 1
Forest Girl

Story / ★

Riley’s granmma got sick. Let’s go visit her with Riley while making medicine in the woodsm.

Lab 2

Game / ★★

You can play a game of landing a spaceship on the rooftop and a drive game that goes around the course so as not to fall from the bridge.

Lab 3
Move the Drone

Experiment / ★★

Fly the drone and explore the city and skyscrapers. Let’s try to create a program that draws figures in the sky.

Lab 4
Learn about Japan in 3D

Experiment / ★★

Draw a 3D graph on a map of Japan or a world map using various statistical data.

Lab 5
Space Boy

Story / ★

A little boy who has fallen from the sky and a cat work together to tackle various problems.

Lab 6
Run a Circuit

Experiment / ★★

Drive on circuits and snowy mountains. Let’s try to create an self-driving program.。

Lab 7
Shoot a Cannon

Experiment / ★★

Aim the target with a cannon in a crosswind or over a wall.

Lab 8
Private Detective

Story / ★

A Detective runs around the city to protect a hidden treasure.

Adv 1
Observing the Solar System

Experiment / ★★★

Try missions related to planets and the moon. Change the camera angle to become a spaceship pilot.

Adv 2
Auto drive /advanced

Experiment / ★★★

Try to create a self-driving program that runs on a course with grade separation.

Adv 3

Experiment / ★★

You can observe a car with an AI program running around obstacles randomly placed on the road.

Adv 4

Game / ★★★

You can play a lot of fun games.

Adv 5
Short Movie

Movie / ★★

Make full use of camera commands and try to make a short movie as if you were a movie director.

TM 1
Explore the Mysterious Island

TM / ★

It can also be used as an introductory material for programming education.

The more ★ you see, the more programming skills you need. The games can be played without programming skills.


You can do various experiments using micro:bit and “Mind Render” together. You can use sensor values of the micro:bit in “Mind Render” program, and control the object in the “Mind Render” with the micro: bit.

HEXファイル (Free)

To use the micro:bit with “Mind Render”, you need to install the HEX file on “micro: bit v2”.

  • It works only with the combination of Mind Render ver2.0.0 or later and micro:bit v2.
  • If you have downloaded the HEX file before the update date below, be sure to update it to the micro:bit v2 HEX file.
  • Internet communication charges will be incurred when downloading and using the “locker” function.


A quick start guide to Mind Render programming

Based on useful tips for improvements from educational institutions, Mind Render has made a major update as Mind Render 2. Mind Render 2 has become easier to use and more feature-rich, allowing both beginners and advanced learners to create programs. This book introduces the new labs added in Mind Render 2 to help you understand the ideas and ways of programming.

The content is the same as above books.
Apple Books

Nurturing a Genius
Programming Workbook on Mind Render

This book explains in details how to use Mind Render and includes sample programs.

Apple Books

Let’s Play with Mind Render and micro:bit !

This book introduces fun experiments using micro:bit.


Seiko Gakuin

聖光学院 特別授業

A special class of 3D / VR (2-day course) using “Mind Render” was held at Seiko Gakuin Junior High School (Kanagawa, Japan).

Silliman University

A workshop on “Mind Render” was held at Silliman University (Philippines).

Mind Render / AI Drill

Mind Render / AI Drill is a learning/experimental environment designed for students and working professionals who want to learn machine learning. It includes “text”, “source code” and “simulation environment.”

You can understand the basic concept of machine learning, create program using the theory and simulation to check the result of the program.

There are many books and source codes related to machine learning in each, but it is a unique feature that all three are provided in one place.


Editorial Supervisor
Professor Hitoshi Iba, Ph.D.,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

Multi-authored by
Mobile Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Iba Laboratory of Tokyo University

On Amazon, it is published in two separate volumes.

Chapter 1

Chapger 2
Configure the training environment

Chapter 3
Self-Driving Car

Chapter 4
Reinforcement Learning

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Game AI

Chapter 7
Optional Exercises

Source code and learning environment

The source code of the sample program and the necessary resources are provided so that you can try the developed program immediately. A major feature of “Mind Render / AI Drill” is that you can visually check the learning status using Unity.

Example: Neuroevolution

This video shows how the cars are learning to go around without hitting walls or obstacles.

At first, no car can go around. As the car learns, however, some cars get to be able to go around.

This video shows a car with the trained AI program in the above running in Mind Render.

You can see that the car runs around the rocks to some extent. (By having the AI program learn with more complicated courses and rock arrangements, the technique of self-driving will improve).

You can also purchase a part of Mind Render / AI Drill at the Unity Asset Store.


東京大学 工学部授業

The University of Tokyo (Faculty of Engineering)

In about 3 weeks of exercises, they develop AI program and give a presentation on the final day.

Mind Render AI Drill

Cyber University

It is highly evaluated that even students who are not familiar with programming can use it immediately because sample programs are available.