A quick start guide to Mind Render programming

Based on useful tips for improvements from educational institutions, Mind Render has made a major update as Mind Render 2. Mind Render 2 has become easier to use and more feature-rich, allowing both beginners and advanced learners to create programs. This book introduces the new labs added in Mind Render 2 to help you understand the ideas and ways of programming.

Also availabe on Apple Books and Kindle.

The Kindle version is available for a charge.

Apple Books

Nurturing a Genius – Programming Workbook on Mind Render 

This book explains in detail how to use Mind Render and includes sample programs. In Mind Render2, there was a change to the command blocks and oajects, so it’s not the same, but it’s a good reference for understanding the program’s concept and its overall structure.

Apple Books

Let’s Play with Mind Render and micro:bit !

This book introduces fun experiments using micro:bit.