Mind Render

Mind Render can be downloaded from the stores below for free.*

macOS / Windows

Ver 2.1.31 (recording function) for Windows is available here.

The Microsoft Store version does not include the recording function; if you want to use it on Windows, please download the app here.

Note: This version only allows program execution and its recording. To create programs, please use the Microsoft Store version.

iOS / Android


HEX file is available here for free.*

  • It works only with the combination of Mind Render ver2.0.0 or later and micro:bit v2.
  • If you downloaded the HEX file before the update date below, be sure to update it to the HEX file below.

Update : April 13, 2021

Learning Environment for the Self-Driving lab

Click here to download the free learning environment for the Self-Driving Lab*

(Link to an external website.)

Download the learning environment for the Self-Driving lab for free from the Unity Asset Store.

  • This program is to be used with the labs below.
    Start Mind Render > Lab> Let’s study a little > AI and Machine learning > “2. Q-learning” and “3. Neuro evolution”

* Internet communication charges will be incurred when downloading.