Seiko Gakuin

聖光学院 特別授業

Two-day special classes of programming using “Mind Render” has been held at Seiko Gakuin Junior High Scell (Kanagawa, Japan) every year since 2020.

Silliman University

Mind Render workshop was held at Silliman University (Philippines.)

Tufts University

Mind Render workshop for kids was held at Tufts University, U.S.

The University of Tokyo and Cyber University

東京大学 工学部授業

The University of Tokyo (Faculty of Engineering)

AI Drill has been used in engineering classes since 2019. They develop AI program in about three weeks, and present their results on the last day.

Mind Render AI Drill

Cyber University

AI Drill is highly evaluated because even students who are not familiar with programming can use it immediately because sample programs are available.