Mind Render is a programming tool that allows anyone to create full-fledged 3D programs.

Easy, but in-depth

Just like Scratch, the program is created by combining blocks, so it is easy to start off with. Also, it has scientific elements such as physics engine and 3D, so it provokes to think more in-depth.

Rich and fun

The running environment is 3D and colorful, definitely richer than Scratch. You can fly drones, drive on a race track, and create various fun programs.

Next Stage beyond Scratch with 3D and VR

You can immediately view your program you created in VR mode. Being able to enjoy your program which is running in VR mode is an experience out of t


Sample Programs

Start here if you are new to programming or use Mind Render for the first time.

Let’s make a game

There are various games such as spaceship landing, falling block puzzle, shooting, zombie hunter and so on.

Let’s make a movie
[Great Space War]

Let’s try to make a short movie as if you were a movie director.

Let’s make a story
[Forest Gril]

Riley visits her sick gramma.

Let’s make a story
[Space Boy]

A little boy who fell from the sky and a cat work together to solve various problems.

Let’s make a story
[Private Detective]

Marie, who protects the hidden treasure, received a notice from the Phantom Thief!

Let’s study a little
[Move the Drone

Let’s fly a drone over the town, or in high-rises to save lives.

Let’s study a little
[Learn about Japan in 3D]

Let’s draw a 3D graph on a map of Japan or a world map using various statistical data.

Let’s study a little
[Run a Race Track]

Let’s enjoy driving on a circuits using the joypads.

Let’s study a little
[Shoot a Cannon]

Let’s aim at a distant target in a crosswind or over the top of a high wall.

Let’s study a little
[Observe the Solar System]

Let’s make a program for the rotation and revolution of the planet.

Let’s study a little
[AI/Machine Learning]

A car with three types of self-driving program will run on a circuit.

Connect with external
[Find the micro:bit]

Connect your micro:bit and Mind Render and play bowls.


You can do various experiments using micro:bit and Mind Render together. You can use sensor values of the micro:bit in Mind Render program, and also control the object in the Mind Render with the micro: bit.

HEX file

To use the micro:bit with Mind Render, you need to install the HEX file on micro: bit v2.

  • It works only with the combination of Mind Render ver2.0.0 or later and micro:bit v2.
  • If you have downloaded the HEX file before the update date below, be sure to update it to the micro:bit v2 HEX file.

Update : April 13, 2021


You can do various experiments by connecting Mind Render together and a drone*. You can simulate drone operations in Mind Render and control a real drone using Mind Render.。

* Tello Edu can be connected to Mind Render.